Long overdue update

A lot of things happening around here these days so keeping up with the blog is not first on the list of endless tasks to be done.

In February, I worked on an adorable Teddy Bear Tea event put on by Bookmarks of the Belvedere Tiburon Library. This was such a fun, sweet project. I was especially excited to re-design the Teddy to a more modern image. The previous teddy was a classic teddy so I thought it would be great to make him a soft, plush teddy that children see/have more commonly these days. Previously, the event was held around Christmas but they decided to move it to Valentine's Day so we used the save the date to get this message out there.

As the date approached, we did a banner sign and finally flyers to put up around town. Here is the flyer:

In non-graphic news, I really wanted to buy Brooke a paper chandelier. As I shopped around, I was shocked at the price when really it is just cut outs and string. After finding a relative "easy" DIY on pinterest, I set out to create. As with most projects, it took me a lot longer than I initially thought. (SURPRISE!) But, it was not a "pinterest fail" and it came out great! I am thrilled with the results as is Brooke. And 4 months later, no little hands have managed to pull it down (yet). 

BTW - trying to make up a trundle bed - torture! 

BTW - trying to make up a trundle bed - torture! 

If you are interested in doing it, here is the link to the DIY.


I took Brooke to pick out here colors and she managed to pick the ones that were in the example DIY. Great minds....you know.

Okay, I think that is enough for one day. More coming soon!