My little man turned one this past weekend. Hard to believe a year ago we were just meeting this little person. From the moment he first cried, (after giving us a little scare) I have been over the moon in love with him. He has molded with our family so well that it is as if he has always been here. I will cherish the years I had alone with my daughter prior to my son's arrival but I feel our family unit is complete now that Luke is here.

With a birthday, comes a party and with that, my favorite part - design!

Similar to Brooke, I took photos of Luke on the same chair every month to document his growth. These made the perfect photos to use in the invitations to celebrate the arrival of the 12th month.

Here is the invitation: (Could he be any cuter?!)

I love putting together all the elements of a party. From the decorations to the little touches, I have a lot of fun. Kid's parties are the most enjoyable to design/decorate because you can do so many different things with design. And almost anything is cute in a mini form! I like to keep the color palette simple and until my kids know better, avoid any themes. Luke's party was blues and yellows. My husband is a huge Golden State Warriors fan so this was unintentionally an ode to their recent NBA finals win. Luke LOVES balls so we already know he will be into sports in some sort of capacity.

Here are some photos from the party:


I know most parents would like to do away with favors but I actually like them. I love thinking of something sweet and useful the kids can take home, and of course I love any opprotunity to create a fun graphic! Luke (and Brooke's) friend's went home with glow sticks and bubble wands. Attached to the favors was this tag. I think the favor is good time to do something silly so I thought this photo and the graphic were fitting. (Don't you love how the hippo and Luke are both showing their teeth? - Ha!)

So there it is. Luke had a great time with his friends and family, and of course his delicious cake!

I love you to moon and back little man. Your gregarious personality and sweet kisses make my life complete.


Your Mama. xo