Well, I am already behind on my previous goal of "checking in" once a week. Between a little family vacation, work and sick kids, there wasn't much time for blogging.

I've recently discovered Minted Design Challenges. Minted is a fantastic company that brings together all sorts of independent artists and designers. All their products are designs that were submitted by artists, voted on and eventually sold to the public. They are always running design challenges and the current one I have submitted a design for is the Holiday Card. I hope to create a few more designs before the contest closes but for now, here is the one I submitted today.

Holiday Card Challenge

If you want to vote for this one, click here.

In other news, we took the kids and Hank to Santa Cruz. Oh man, traveling with 2 small kids and a dog is hard work. Yes, it was only two nights and two hours away but we were exhausted when we got home! Of course, there were wonderful moments in between the whining and testing. It was really nice to just have our little family together and with no other obligations except enjoying one another.

A few photos from the trip.

Pleasure Point
Boys on the beach
Beach babies

Until next time.