Turning 4 and my first published article!

Two blog posts in one week....who am I? Actually, it could have been one long one but I decided to break it up into two.

Much to my chagrin, Brooke went and turned four. It is not that I don't want her to grow up, it's just I don't want her to grow up. Oh, motherhood and it's ever changing emotions. It is breathtaking to watch her grow into her own little person but I can't help missing that sweet, little booski that was cooing at me just yesterday.

Brooke is very into music and dancing right now so we decided to do a dance party to celebrate her big day. We had it at Love2Dance and it was perfect. Because life is so crazy these days I was not able to create a one of kind design for her invite. (What kind of graphic design mother am I?!?) We did a cute invite via paperless post and it was really nice to have a way to track the attendees and not have to deal with printing, etc. I did enjoy it but did feel a little guilty. 

I did create adorable little favor tags that worked perfectly for the dance theme. We bought bubble wands in the shape of a microphone and tied on a glow in the dark ring, beaded necklace and Hello Kitty tattoos to match the Hello Kitty theme of the room we rented. The day was amazing for Brooke and I was thrilled with how smoothly it all went.

B LOVES Hello Kitty right now (and yellow) so she was pretty stoked on this.

B LOVES Hello Kitty right now (and yellow) so she was pretty stoked on this.



In other news, I was approached by SMMC (Southern Marin Mother's Club) to write an article on traveling to Yosemite for the SMMC Crier. I love the ladies that work on the Crier (especially since I used to be one of them) so I was thrilled to do it!

Here it is: Yosemite


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Long overdue update

A lot of things happening around here these days so keeping up with the blog is not first on the list of endless tasks to be done.

In February, I worked on an adorable Teddy Bear Tea event put on by Bookmarks of the Belvedere Tiburon Library. This was such a fun, sweet project. I was especially excited to re-design the Teddy to a more modern image. The previous teddy was a classic teddy so I thought it would be great to make him a soft, plush teddy that children see/have more commonly these days. Previously, the event was held around Christmas but they decided to move it to Valentine's Day so we used the save the date to get this message out there.

As the date approached, we did a banner sign and finally flyers to put up around town. Here is the flyer:

In non-graphic news, I really wanted to buy Brooke a paper chandelier. As I shopped around, I was shocked at the price when really it is just cut outs and string. After finding a relative "easy" DIY on pinterest, I set out to create. As with most projects, it took me a lot longer than I initially thought. (SURPRISE!) But, it was not a "pinterest fail" and it came out great! I am thrilled with the results as is Brooke. And 4 months later, no little hands have managed to pull it down (yet). 

BTW - trying to make up a trundle bed - torture! 

BTW - trying to make up a trundle bed - torture! 

If you are interested in doing it, here is the link to the DIY.


I took Brooke to pick out here colors and she managed to pick the ones that were in the example DIY. Great minds....you know.

Okay, I think that is enough for one day. More coming soon!



This past weekend was Blackie's Hay Day in Tiburon. It was such a great day for both children and adults. I was honored to be asked to help out with all their Graphic Design needs. Blackie's Hay is a wonderful event put on by Bookmarks which is a program of the Belvedere-Tiburon Library Foundation. Bookmarks is a volunteer organization that provides funding for the children's library and teen programs of the Belvedere-Tiburon Library. 

Growing up in Belvedere, the Belvedere-Tiburon Library was a special place for my brothers and me. The library is now in a different location than it once was but I will forever remember being in the library with my brother the day the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake struck. After years of school drills, the second the ground started shaking, my brother and I slid under the table as we had been instructed to all those years. I can picture the entire day in my mind like it was yesterday. Once the ground settled, we stayed to help the librarians clean up the many books that had fallen and then rode our bikes home. These were the days before cell phones, so my parents had no idea where we were but they knew we were together and most likely safe.

Fast forward many (ahem) years to a new beautiful library in a different location. It is a bizarre feeling to raise your kids in the area where you grew up. I try to catch myself from saying how different things are from when I was a kid but wow, they are. The one constant is my love of books and the library. So far, this seems to be the same for Brooke and I couldn't be more thrilled. She loves story time and "reading" books. Her brother, not so much just yet. During my maternity leave, there were many Mondays that I would strap Luke to me in the carrier and take Brooke to story time. The woman who does the baby bounce story time at the Belvedere-Tiburon Library is amazing. She always picks out several great books relative to the season and sings the most adorable songs. Being back at work, this is one of things I really miss doing with the kids.

To be part of the fundraising efforts to help my hometown library was a no brainer! Plus, the location of Blackie's Hay Day in Blackie's pasture is an all time favorite of mine. Blackie's pasture is named after the swayback horse who stood there for 28 years. He died before I was born but he seemed like an amazing horse. He stood in the same spot, facing the same direction, day after day until his death. In his working years he was part of the rodeo and then became a cavalry horse accompanying the Army horses in San Francisco as they rode to Yosemite National Park to patrol the park. Upon his retirement at 12 years old, he came to be at his pasture in Tiburon and that is where he stood for 28 years. His grave is there along with a statue that was erected in 1995. From playing there as a kid, running cross country in middle school, to taking my own children on stroller walks with friends while our babies slept, Blackie's pasture has been a steady background to the film reels of my life.

Blackie's Hay Day is a more recent event and wasn't going on while I was growing up so when I had kids, I started to attend. When my friend, who is co-chair of the Blackie's Hay Day committee contacted me to do their Graphic Design, I jumped at the chance. Previous Graphic Designers had already done a great job with the design so it was easy taking the reigns. (pun intended)

I was able to help on several aspects of the day. First, we started with creating advertisements for the local paper and mother's club magazines. I had a lot of fun designing the "thank you to our sponsors" sign. I used Blackie's body to showcase the top donors and highlighted the other top donors by font size and color. These were made into flyers to hand out to guests with the activities portion of the day on the flip side. Both signs were blown up and placed on coroblast and displayed at the entrance of the event. I also helped with other various signs needed, such as the town banner and new game signs. It was a lot of work but so awesome to see it all come together in the end.

I am so impressed with the entire Blackie's Hay Day Volunteer Committee. They poured their hearts into the day and it shows!

Here are a few pictures from the day along with the kids enjoying the festivities.

Ad in the Southern Marin Mother's Club Magazine

Ad in the Southern Marin Mother's Club Magazine

Coroblast sign of the "Thank You to our Sponsors" Sign blown up at entrance.

Coroblast sign of the "Thank You to our Sponsors" Sign blown up at entrance.

Coroblast sign of the days activities blown up at entrance

Coroblast sign of the days activities blown up at entrance

B getting her "princess face" painted

B getting her "princess face" painted

Future cowboy?

Future cowboy?

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Things have been so hectic that I haven't had any time to check in here but I have been keeping up with designing so I've got that going for me.

First off, I have participated in a couple Minted Design Challenges recently which have been getting my creative juices flowing. The first one was a stationary challenge. The Minted team requested interesting, personal stationary designs that are worthy of Holiday gifting. I wanted to think outside the box on this one so I decided to have fun with my designs.

The first is an ode to Lionel Richie. I think the design speaks for itself....

Another design I came up with is a common screen that many people will know. I wanted to mimic the look of texting in this stationary. I like how the author can write what they are communicating and the screen shows the response happening.

The next Minted Design Challenge was the A is for Art Challenge. This time the Minted team was looking for art to place in children's rooms or nurseries. In particular, they requested art that was able to be personalized and possibly had the child's birthday.

My submission was an easy one. Who could this be for? Hmm.... I think I will print it out and hang it on the wall for her. My little one certainly loves her rainbows and butterflies. 

I also helped a client design a logo for his new business. After several weeks of back and forth, we finally decided on this one. Strong and bold. I also like the blue and cream colors he chose. 

In other non-ground breaking news, I'm struggling with the entire mother/wife/full time job holder/try to do my own graphic design business thing. Honestly, I enjoy each one so much (especially the kids and husband) that I really wish I had more time in the day to give each more attention. The days are going by at lightening speed and I just want to slow them down. I try to pause in the moments with my family and really soak them in. When I see my daughter hugging my son or sharing her popsicle, even though she was not asked to, it's these images that I try to cement in my brain. I'm trying to photograph these moments in time and realize how much beauty there is in the day to day. Even the messy moments are part of the beauty. The fighting over toys, the whining and countless loads of laundry are all just part of this crazy life we are leading.  We are so lucky to have each other, our health and a roof over our heads.  All the tears and all the love.

Until next time,



My little man turned one this past weekend. Hard to believe a year ago we were just meeting this little person. From the moment he first cried, (after giving us a little scare) I have been over the moon in love with him. He has molded with our family so well that it is as if he has always been here. I will cherish the years I had alone with my daughter prior to my son's arrival but I feel our family unit is complete now that Luke is here.

With a birthday, comes a party and with that, my favorite part - design!

Similar to Brooke, I took photos of Luke on the same chair every month to document his growth. These made the perfect photos to use in the invitations to celebrate the arrival of the 12th month.

Here is the invitation: (Could he be any cuter?!)

I love putting together all the elements of a party. From the decorations to the little touches, I have a lot of fun. Kid's parties are the most enjoyable to design/decorate because you can do so many different things with design. And almost anything is cute in a mini form! I like to keep the color palette simple and until my kids know better, avoid any themes. Luke's party was blues and yellows. My husband is a huge Golden State Warriors fan so this was unintentionally an ode to their recent NBA finals win. Luke LOVES balls so we already know he will be into sports in some sort of capacity.

Here are some photos from the party:


I know most parents would like to do away with favors but I actually like them. I love thinking of something sweet and useful the kids can take home, and of course I love any opprotunity to create a fun graphic! Luke (and Brooke's) friend's went home with glow sticks and bubble wands. Attached to the favors was this tag. I think the favor is good time to do something silly so I thought this photo and the graphic were fitting. (Don't you love how the hippo and Luke are both showing their teeth? - Ha!)

So there it is. Luke had a great time with his friends and family, and of course his delicious cake!

I love you to moon and back little man. Your gregarious personality and sweet kisses make my life complete.


Your Mama. xo


Well, I am already behind on my previous goal of "checking in" once a week. Between a little family vacation, work and sick kids, there wasn't much time for blogging.

I've recently discovered Minted Design Challenges. Minted is a fantastic company that brings together all sorts of independent artists and designers. All their products are designs that were submitted by artists, voted on and eventually sold to the public. They are always running design challenges and the current one I have submitted a design for is the Holiday Card. I hope to create a few more designs before the contest closes but for now, here is the one I submitted today.

Holiday Card Challenge

If you want to vote for this one, click here.

In other news, we took the kids and Hank to Santa Cruz. Oh man, traveling with 2 small kids and a dog is hard work. Yes, it was only two nights and two hours away but we were exhausted when we got home! Of course, there were wonderful moments in between the whining and testing. It was really nice to just have our little family together and with no other obligations except enjoying one another.

A few photos from the trip.

Pleasure Point
Boys on the beach
Beach babies

Until next time.



After many years of talking about it, I have finally put together a website of my favorite graphic design work. It is just the tip of the iceberg but to see something start to come together is thrilling. Welcome to Lindsey Tyler Designs!

Blogging is a new world to me as well. I hope to check in here at least once a week and talk about my current projects. 

I am a mother first and foremost so more than likely there will be plenty of parenting thoughts and talk about the struggle I am trying to achieve of work/life balance.

Hope you enjoy the new site and stay tuned for more exciting projects!

Cheers, Linz